Mrs. Chelsea Farelas
Office Manager - Black Stripe

  • Started TaeKwon-Do in 2003 as a freshman at Wheaton North High School. The class started at 7:20am until 8:10am and it was a P.E. class taught solely by Dr. Langlas. She was usually seen in the training area earlier than 7:20am. setting up the flags, getting the equipment ready to use and starting to warm up for class. At the end of Freshman year (spring of 2005) she was a Green Stripe.  
  • At the end of her sophmore year (spring of 2006) she was a Blue Belt and was also going to the evening TKD classes.
  • Became a Red Stripe in the 2006-2007school year.
  • Spring of 2009 she became a Red Belt.
  • January of 2010  she became Assistant Office Manager
  • October 2010 she acheived Black Stripe.
  • January 2011 she became Co-Office Manager.
  • Her favorite aspects of TKD are Self Defense, Sparring and Terminology.
  • She has some experience in Juijutsu, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do and she is certified in Self Defense.