New Student Information

Most inquiries either ask how to register/try a class, or what the fees are. If your question is not answered below, please call Ray Copeland at  630-951-0111.    AGE:  Potential students should be at least 5 years old depending on their maturity.    If younger than 8, parents should
stay and watch the child train, just in case they get tired or need other assistance.

To register or try a free class, simply come by the school at any of the class times and speak to an instructor. Wear comfortable clothes and you can try it out!  Classes with an emphasis on younger or beginning students are held Tuesday and Friday evenings.
It is suggested that you try different classes to see what works best for you.    Students should try to train 2 or 3 times each week.
Other guidelines are listed in the Training Guidelines document included in the Student Starting Package.

We are located in the small shopping strip at the SW corner of Geneva Rd and Pleasant Hill Rd in Wheaton, IL. Class times are listed on the website at    See the tab:  "Classes".

****   Costs:  *****
$75/mo      Individual Tuition
$125/mo    two members of same household
$150/mo    three members of same household
$160/mo    four or more members of the same household 
Unlimited classes/mo.
No contract, no cancellation fees.    
Uniform $45
Set of 4 Patches:  $20  (Should purchased these before the 2nd test.)
One time Pathways TKD membership fee: $30

*No tuition for the first month   for new students who    buy a new uniform  AND  pay the membership fee.

We are a not-for-profit school. No student is turned away for inability to pay. Inquire about our training scholarships.    

Other points:

* Studies show Tae Kwon Do training increases memory, focus, and performance in school.
* Unlike most martial arts schools, we are a not-for-profit, started in 1996 by Dr Jim Langlas.
* All instructors are volunteer Black Belts, and we provide need-based training scholarships.
* We do NOT have "contract" commitments, meaning you can stop any time without financial penality.

* Classes are held M-Sat and you can come to any or all of them for your rank each week.
* We are part of the UTF (Universal Tae Kwon Do Federation) as our official body, formed by Grand Master Han from the original inception of Tae Kwon Do in Korea.
* Safety comes first. All sparring is non-contact. Contact is employed for pads, self defense techniques, and board breaking.
* AGE:   Students range from age 5 to adults of all ages. Family training is encouraged.   Younger students ( ages 5 to 8) 
  are evaluated on an individual basis.

Please feel free to drop by and talk to one of the instructors during any of our posted class times. 

You can also download our New Student Starter Package (PDF file).